Pedro and Oxidado

Pedro-Torres-07I previously shared video of Pedro Torres and the stallion Oxidado doing Working Equitation.  Their partnership, to me, is obvious and inspiring.  Recently I ran across an interview with Pedro, where he talked about his inspirations and philosophies. Within the interview was a passage that particularly resonated with me, where he explained a bit about how his partnership with Oxidado developed.


“Oxidado is a strong horse with a big personality. He has taught me a lot. The first year, we fought a lot as I was strict and tried to tell him that he had to follow me. And for horses with such a strong character, this is impossible, you cannot go against them. Oxidado made me begin to discover a new way of understanding horses, and I figured out a way to come to him. Oxidado is a warrior and a champion. After we developed this great friendship, all I had to do was ask, and even in a difficult situation he would do it – and do it better than the other horses. You have to analyse the character of your horse; it’s like in a marriage where you have to understand your partner. In mine and Oxidado’s relationship, I figured out a way to come to him. I gave up part of the leader role because he is best like that. I gave up and I got a champion! If I had kept on going, I would have had nothing.”

His account reflected my relationship with Dani. Back then, I was used to horses that needed a little pushing. When we’d run into an issue, and I’d try to push Dani, she would fight. It was after a near wreck  from one of these fights that I realized I had to find another way to work with her. In developing my partnership with her, I developed a whole new way of looking at training horses, and a new “tool kit”. More on that another time. For now, let me leave you with a little more Pedro and Oxidado.

This video is from a tribute to the lovely and successful Oxidado. You have to wade through a little “talking” head stuff in the beginning – but you will be well rewarded with some lovely quadrille, then a demo ride by Pedro and Oxidado (with real human obstacles), followed by a bit more group riding.


And then, because you know I love watching horses play, especially with their humans, there is this.


Be good to your horses … and listen to what they’re trying to tell you!



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