Meet the Family

Get to know the “characters” that frequent my posts.

meandnashsmlrNash, Appaloosa, 23 – Better known around the barn as the “crank-aloosa”, Nash is the cranky but lovable child only his mother loves.  Every new person who meets him has to prove that they are more determined than he is.  But I fell in love on my first ride, and have enjoyed this quirky character for over thirteen years.  Retired from work now, but still an active personality in our family.

TallyFlagsTreatTally, American Warmblood, 12 – Born here, she was an instant pocket pony.  Unfortunately, she was also born as life became very complicated – so my lovely mare has not had the education she should have.  One of my motivations for making the commitment to get serious or get out, she has also been my biggest trial.  I made the mistake of sending to her someone else to get started, and brought her home broken in mind and body.  As we make the journey back to trust, she is teaching me as much as I am teaching her.

HandsomeCoffee2Coffee, Appaloosa, 10 – Actually my mother’s horse, he is still my project.  He is also probably the biggest character in the barn!  He has to get his nose into everything!  Coffee started life destined for Western Pleasure.  He is now making the transition to becoming an “all ’rounder”, and has established his place in my mom’s heart.  He has also been a good “uncle” to Noble.

Noble, Dutch Warmblood, 4 – His entry into my life was something from the fiction of my youth. The horse of my dreams, and a gift from a stranger.  But no fairy tale is without it’s challenges.  Huge, handsome, and talented, he also embodies the worst teenage boy attitudes.  Affectionate and easy going one minute; fiercely independent and unwilling to “play” that next.  And with his size and mass, it’s completely up to him whether or not he “plays” my games.  Only time will tell what direction his journey takes.

Roxie_NewlyHomeRoxie, Paint, 7 – The latest addition to the herd, Roxie comes in as Nash’s replacement as my riding horse.  Like Coffee, Roxie started life as a Western Pleasure horse and is learning a whole new trade.  She’s a very personable mare who is happy to stick her nose into anyone’s business.  She’s meant to be my “fun” horse, but as I work with her I’m surprised by more talent than I expected for collected work and even jumping.  The focus is still on fun, but I look forward to seeing where we could go.

My mother – By all rights, I should never have had horses.  The fact that I did was only through great sacrifice on the part of my mother – so the story of my life with horses would not be complete without mention of my equally horse crazy mother.  Although she rode for pleasure as a girl, and in my first years of learning to ride, it wasn’t until late in her life that she really took the plunge – even starting her own mustang under saddle in her fifties!

New for 2017 – meet the pups!

Macie, Brittany, 9 – The one word anyone who meets her uses to describe Macie is “sweet”.  Macie is that proverbial dog who would show the burglars where all the valuables are!  Her laid back attitude has always been an asset – from an easy puppyhood while my previous dog was dying, then tolerating a bipolar rescue, helping another rescue overcome her fears, and finally putting up with the antics of young Jake.  Above all, Macie loves comfort and a good nap!

Kenzie, Border Collie, 3 – Found scrounging trash in an alley, Kenzie came with a lot of baggage.  With time, training, patience, and the support of Macie, Kenzie has turned out to be a lovely, sweet dog.  She has overcome stranger-fear to become very outgoing with people she meets.  She is the peacekeeper of the pack, intervening when Jake tries to annoy his “aunt” Macie.

Jake, Shetland Sheepdog, 1 – As Macie slowed down, Kenzie needed a more active playmate.  I thought it would be nice for my mother to have another Sheltie; she decided that I needed another one.  Score one for mom!  One of only two dogs we’ve gotten from a breeder – Shelties just don’t show up in rescue or shelter in our region.  Sweet, funny, cuddly – Jake makes me laugh everyday and has filled a hole in my heart that I never thought would be filled.

6 thoughts on “Meet the Family

  1. Hey, OK, so there’s a picture of Nash, and one of Tally here. Must have an individual shot of Coffee and Noble too. How are we supposed to keep track!? 🙂
    Especially since Noble probably will change his looks considerably as he grows up !

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    1. True, Elinor, I do have some picture updating to do. Noble has changed considerably since my banner pic! Of course, these days, it’s tough to get Noble to stand still for a good pic! 😉

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  2. how wonderful to discover this blog! i too have been a horse crazy gal since 5 years old ( am now over 50) and for the last 17 years have always had apaloosa horses….amongst others. they are a fine, respectable, amusing, independent, fantastic horse. i look forward to reading more of your writing. thank you! janelle ( from Tanzania)

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