Eye of the Beholder

A Facebook friend recently posed the question as to why so many people enjoy watching today’s competition, and don’t see the ugliness and the damage done by the training methods being used.  Why do they not seek the beauty that many of us in the 50-plus age group grew up with?  The answer is simply … More Eye of the Beholder

Which would you choose?

The controversy still swirls around the method known variously as rollkur or LDR (low, deep, and round).  Someone from a Facebook group I’m part of recently posted photos and video from Falsterbro, a high level competition in Sweden.  This evidence showed that the method has truly become mainstream, with not a single rider working in any other fashion.  … More Which would you choose?

How it was: 1976

Someone shared this lovely video on Facebook, and in my estimation it has not had enough views – so I’m doing my little part to spread it around.  The video is of the top two rides from the 1976 Olympics.  You can find lots of vintage Dressage videos on YouTube – but what makes this … More How it was: 1976