Moving On

I have been contemplating reworking my blog, shifting the focus slightly, doing a face lift, etc., for a little while.  In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, my blog post on the subject was caught up in the Facebook spam incident – where their filters were set so tight that even sites like the New York Times and Washington Post were blocked.  Unfortunately, lacking the clout of those vaunted publications, my blog site was not restored to the acceptable list.  Numerous reports that I believed the blocking to be erroneous fell on deaf ears – likely falling into a technological black hole.

At an impasse with the technology giant, a key path for sharing my posts, I was not sure where to go next.  It was my mother who suggested just starting a new blog.  Since I’d been contemplating refurbishing this one, why not just start fresh?  So, that’s what I started working on.  The Literate Equine was born.

Nash's faceIn the midst of crafting the new site, we had to say goodbye to Nash.  He took a sudden turn that seemed to be either neurological or pain driven.  We knew that at 26 time could be waning, as the aging process was speeding up – but this came rather suddenly.  As part of grieving I wanted to share his story, which forced me to take the new site live before I was ready.  Oh well, it will grow over time.

I will be keeping this site up for the foreseeable future.  I still get hits even on some very old posts.  Over time there are posts here that I will transition to the new site.  I will still give updates on my little herd, but will be focusing mainly on the educational side and will be including reviews of equestrian books.  If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, please do check out my new one!

Hope you are all healthy.


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wp-15859249388916026702687889724382.jpgWhere my neighbor sees unkempt weeds, I see a meadow that provides shelter and food for the many wild things that share our property.

Where a friend sees a messy floor, I see happy dogs playing and chewing up bags and boxes that cost me nothing.

Where someone else sees a dead tree, I see a snag that provides perches for birds who want a clear view of their surroundings.

Where my neighbor sees a pile of composting horse manure, I see rich nutrients for the garden that feeds me, as well as a ‘diner’ for birds, and a playground for my dog.

Where some horse people see wasted years in a six year old gelding who has not yet been ridden, I see a journey with a challenging horse that has resulted in a bond that those critics will likely never experience.

In this challenging time, it is important to keep things in perspective.  Perhaps this is a time to actually reassess our own perspectives on everything.  Life is messy.  My place, by many people’s standards, is messy.  Yet, where others see problems, I see joy.  Joy in the birds that sing all around me.  Joy in the puppies that play at my feet.  Joy in the horse who trots up to greet me, and now happily joins me in our ‘work’ together.

Short of a tragedy, if something makes you unhappy, annoyed, or generally displeased – it is not really about that thing, but about your perspective.  Try changing your perspective, and perhaps you too will find joy in the messiness of life!

Stay well!


(Apologies to anyone for whom this is a duplicate.  Facebook has blocked my blog, as I dared to write about the virus that shall not be named; so this was originally posted on my mother’s blog so I could share on FB.  I am contemplating how to move forward, given the FB limitation … more to come.)

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The risks are real – and not just what you think!

My work day just ended.  It is after 7:00 in the evening, and my work began before 7:00 this morning, with a short break for lunch.  I am now working from home every day, as our university system is rapidly closing campuses to slow the spread of COVID-19.  We are largely self-isolating, as my mother is in her eighties and therefore at high risk.  The animals necessitate trips to the feed store, but that will make up the bulk of any trips away from home.  The isolation will be very little burden to us, but my daily workload is proof that there is a crisis brewing.  I am writing this in the hopes of explaining it to anyone who still does not understand.

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Goodbye, little Sir Echo

If there is one thing that life with animals teaches you, it is to accept the cycles of life.  Life begins, life ends, and in between there are many difficult decisions.  Those lessons will always repeat, as your life with animals goes on – but sometimes they seem to come at an accelerated rate.  Just this month, we added a new life to our menagerie, contemplated how much longer one may hang on, and lost yet another.

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One step backward, three steps forward

With all of us finally sound and healthy, I took a day off work to make a long weekend and get some momentum with the horses.  Coffee, Roxie, and Tally are beginning to gain some fitness.  It is wonderful to see Coffee and Tally getting their carriage back.  Roxie, finally rid of the soreness in her feet, is rapidly improving her balance and carriage.  But it is Noble, once again, who is making the greatest strides – even as we experienced a brief backward step today.

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In a Split Second

It was Monday and, in the words of The Bangles, it had been a Manic Monday.  But the evening was cool, and well suited for working with the horses.  I was probably too tired, but I’d been unable to work them for so long that I was determined to get at least someone out.  Roxie was my candidate – but Noble had other ideas.  He was ignoring his snack, and talking to me as I prepared to get a horse out.  “After I do Roxie, if there’s light left, big boy,” I told him.  But he was insistent.  I looked around at everyone else peacefully munching, then back to his expectant look.  “Fine!  I’ll get you out first.”  It was probably a bad idea – but if I hadn’t done it, I wouldn’t have learned just how far we’ve come.

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