Dreams Die Slowly

Preface: I wrote this piece last summer when my Mustang, Chase, was injured for a second time. I intended to post it on one of the blogs, but filed it away instead. Since reviving this site I’ve decided to share it in the hope that it will resonate with someone else who might be struggling. … More Dreams Die Slowly

From the Ashes

I shuttered this blog when Facebook, in all its algorithmic wisdom caught my site up in its COVID debacle in Spring of 2020. I had the bad luck to post something about my experience with supply chain during the pandemic on the very night that the algorithm swept up every site that mentioned COVID-19, including … More From the Ashes

Moving On

I have been contemplating reworking my blog, shifting the focus slightly, doing a face lift, etc., for a little while.  In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, my blog post on the subject was caught up in the Facebook spam incident – where their filters were set so tight that even sites like the New … More Moving On


Where my neighbor sees unkempt weeds, I see a meadow that provides shelter and food for the many wild things that share our property. Where a friend sees a messy floor, I see happy dogs playing and chewing up bags and boxes that cost me nothing. Where someone else sees a dead tree, I see … More Perspective