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As I rejoined the horseworld, I began to look around the web for resources. This was a natural fit, having been a web developer for many years now. What I found was a lot of misinformation mixed in with a lot of gems. Some of these gems were a bit hidden, at least at the time I found them. Since the great strength in the internet is sharing information, I give you this list of my favorite resources.

Epona.tv – started by two former equestrian journalists, this was my salvation from a Dressage world I did not recognize.  They have been responsible for publicizing photos and videos of blue-tongue and rollkur abuses.  You can read the blog entries for free, but the extensive video library will cost something to view.  I started as a monthly subscriber, but found so much value in the professionally done, educational videos (topics cover health, training, behavior and welfare issues) that I changed to annual.

SustainableDressage – I actually uncovered this through a review in an Art2Ride video (see below).  She has done an excellent job of writing and imagery to support classical dressage theories.  It was one of the first resources I found that spoke of the Dressage that I had learned, that bears no resemblance to most of what you see in top competition today.

Ben Hart’s Horsemanship, Shaping plans – I first encountered Ben in a series of videos on Epona.tv.  I really like his behavioral approach to horses, much more natural than anything the “Natural” Horseman do.  When I was faced with Noble’s issues, I found Ben’s shaping plans to be just what I needed to give me focus.  Ben will also do consulting calls on problem behavior, and has recently started a series of webinars.

Wild Equus – an ethology based site, they particularly follow activity in studying the Pottoka (Basque ponies) on a large preserve where their natural behaviors are observed and documented. They also post many interesting items on behavior – animal and human.


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