The risks are real – and not just what you think!

My work day just ended.  It is after 7:00 in the evening, and my work began before 7:00 this morning, with a short break for lunch.  I am now working from home every day, as our university system is rapidly closing campuses to slow the spread of COVID-19.  We are largely self-isolating, as my mother … More The risks are real – and not just what you think!

Memory of a Mustang

This week we received a call that we knew would come, eventually.  Ricky, the mustang I adopted as a yearling and gave to my mother for her fiftieth birthday, had died in his pasture.  Ricky would have turned thirty later this year.  In his nearly three decades on this earth, Ricky touched a lot of … More Memory of a Mustang

Passage … at 4?!

Indulge me in a moment of ranting, if you will.  I’m frequently “treated” to video clips posted on Facebook, usually by friends of friends, that are prime examples of all that is wrong with equestrian sport today. There was the mare, newly under saddle, clattering around the arena in an unbalanced canter while her head was firmly … More Passage … at 4?!