About Me

“As long as you’re planning a journey, you own the journey. The minute you embark on that journey, the journey owns you.”  Chinese proverb

I have been riding since I was seven, and have had my own horse(s) since I was twelve – I’m now past the half-century mark. In that time there have been a variety of horses in my barn, but there has always been at least one appaloosa.

I was raised by a single mother.  Although you hear many claim they ride with little money, and it is often a relative reference, this was the reality of my early life. We sacrificed all but the bare necessities for me to follow my passion for horses. Growing up I literally had three pairs of jeans and 5 t-shirts as my entire wardrobe – but I had my horse, so it didn’t matter! After many year, my mother and I eventually were making enough money, between us, and jointly bought our own home, with property populated by our furred and feathered family.BenJumping1980crop

I started my riding just for pleasure, but fell in love with the sport of eventing and pursued that until my second horse made it very clear this was not his sport. Fortunately for both of us, he was an amazing show-hunter and was tolerant of my pursuit of Dressage, so those were our sports for many years (that’s us, many, many moons ago). Dressage became my focus, and I truly fell in love with the art and partnership that it should be (more on that in my posts).

Along the way I rode and trained many horses, for myself and for others.  Each one taught me something, and I like to believe that I made their lives a little better. It’s always been about the horses, and the magic of developing a partnership with them.  It eventually became clear that this was not very compatible in a sport that was rapidly becoming about money, highly bred horses and competition – leaving the art behind.

After becoming disillusioned with my sport, I kept my horses only for pleasure and pursued my career.  Fast forward to today when I have reconnected with my passion, and I enjoy spending time with the many characters that occupy my barn.  I am still unsure where my renewed passion will lead me … but I’m certainly enjoying the journey!

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I was like you — I worked to get to “the top” of the sport — in my case showjumping, as a working student — then turned down many job offers when my horse was ruined and I saw behind the scenes stuff that made me sick. i quit the “horse world” til about three years ago, and slowly, bewildered..am finding my place among people and horses. The horses i have somehow managed to hold onto throughout many years of total poverty, with young children, divorce, etc….but I’ve never really questions that my path is with horses, and now i’m lucky to have so much more clarity than I had in the past, on what exactly my role is. I look forward to “following” your journey from here, feels like we’re on the same path.

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      1. Lia synchronicity brought me to your blog and I believe nothing is coincidence.
        Reading more of your posts I feel I have met my kindred spirit.
        I do not own a horse yet. I volunteered at a horse rescue for a month and I offer Animal Reiki and Horse Reiki.
        In my teens I used to ride for a club . Always had a special bond with the horses and now at 52 my love and passion for these beautiful beings jumped out from the box (literally).
        I am studying and reading a lot thinking how I can spend the rest of my life with the horses.
        Maybe you could be my mentor.
        Love your blog.

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      2. Glad to hear you are on a journey back to a past passion. It is one that once it has hold it never really goes away. Happy to be part of your journey!


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