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Two years ago today …

Time, energy, and inspiration have been in short supply; but I cannot let this day pass without acknowledging an important anniversary.  Two years ago, on this date and time, I had just settled my “Christmas colt” into his new home.  … Continue reading

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Cavaletti on steroids!

It’s been a slog of a week, trying to get things in order at work – no time left for writing or riding!  But, I have some days off coming up to make up for it.  In the meantime, here … Continue reading

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Pedro and Oxidado

I previously shared video of Pedro Torres and the stallion Oxidado doing Working Equitation.  Their partnership, to me, is obvious and inspiring.  Recently I ran across an interview with Pedro, where he talked about his inspirations and philosophies. Within the interview … Continue reading

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Horse play!

Today I’m sharing something beautiful to watch. Edit Kappel is a trainer at the Hungarian National Stud, working with Hungarian Lipizzaner horses. These have been developed largely separate from the Lipizzaner lines used at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. I lived … Continue reading

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Inspiration: Kyra and Matador

There was a recent online poll to identify the “best Dressage horse in history”.  I was disappointed in the narrow list they chose, going only as far back as Granat and Ahlerich.  However, I was pleasantly surprised that the winner … Continue reading

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Video From When Dressage Was Fun

Today I’m sharing a video from a time when watching top level Dressage was my passion, and not my horror. This particular video is extra fun, as it features two of the best of the time in a pas de … Continue reading

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