Two years ago today …

Noble at six months - at that point untouchable.
Noble in his first days here.

Time, energy, and inspiration have been in short supply; but I cannot let this day pass without acknowledging an important anniversary.  Two years ago, on this date and time, I had just settled my “Christmas colt” into his new home.  His name was Inigo then, but I knew that name would not last.  It would be a few weeks before I settled on the barn name “Noble” and the registered name “Instant Karma” for the red-headed colt that was a gift from a stranger.

Our beginning was very rocky, as the terrified colt took an offensive position – shoulder-bowling me any time I tried to approach.  But I slowly won him over and, as anyone who follows this blog knows, he is the light of my life.  He is the colt I’ve dreamed of for thirty years.  Through all the injuries, setbacks, and frustration of this past couple of years, he is the single thing that keeps me forging on.  He is the golden ring on this crazy carousel!

So, in celebration of two years together, I am indulging the “proud momma” in me with this little video of the silly boy playing.  Given time, I should have done some clean-up of the video – it’s a bit choppy.  But, I’ve been waiting for so long to catch just a few good moments of his movement (and there are only a few here), that I was pleased just to have something.  Mostly he’s a juvenile just cruising around … but there’s the odd stride that shows what makes my eyes twinkle … don’t blink, you might miss them!

Watch also for the sliding stops that he learned from Uncle Coffee. Hmmm … perhaps a future in reining? (Kidding!)  Oh, and the whip you occasionally see flicking across the screen was not to keep him going, but rather to keep him out of my “lap” … it didn’t always work!


With the holidays comes some time off for me – one perk of working for a university!  I look forward to more time with my boy, and the other members of the herd.  Hopefully that will also mean more time, energy and inspiration for my writing!

Wherever you are, and whatever you celebrate, may you find joy in this season!



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