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Is your instructor worthy?

One reason I dropped out of teaching and training was the epidemic of anyone who won a few ribbons hanging out their shingle as a trainer.  In some cases, people who rode horses trained by other people were getting their … Continue reading

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We are not so different

I love the holiday season.  In recent years I have not had the time to do all of the things I normally love to do, but I always try to find a way to celebrate with my work team.  This … Continue reading

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Embracing challenges

What is your tolerance for challenge?  I’m not talking about that oxer you haven’t tried, or that test you haven’t ridden.  I’m talking about challenges to your ideas, decisions, or pre-conceived notions.  I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately; … Continue reading

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The power of influence

A recent exchange with young liberals over a New York Times article (inspiration for my last post) got me contemplating influence, and the one sure killer of influence – aggression.

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Venturing out alone

There is safety in numbers, so they tell us.  When you are in battle, or attempting to evade predators, that can certainly be true.  But, more than safety in numbers (and perhaps as a byproduct of it), there is comfort … Continue reading

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Whose horse is that?

I worked with a lovely horse today.  She was a large bay mare with soft eyes and a relaxed manner.  She moved around me deftly, always keeping an ear turned in my direction, watching my movements and waiting for the next cue.  … Continue reading

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