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When horses try to help

If you do not keep horses at home, you might never have experienced your horses trying to “help” with repairs and chores.  Curious by nature, horses are likely to insert themselves into any activity in their vicinity.  I’ve had heads … Continue reading

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Farewell Java

Ironically, the day after publishing a remembrance of Dani, on the sixth anniversary of her death, her brother Java died suddenly.  For further irony, Java left us at 25 – the same age his sister was when she passed on.  … Continue reading

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My horses, my teachers – Dani

Today Facebook reminded me of a memory.  It is not a happy memory, but it is linked with many years of lovely memories.  Six years ago, today, I had to say goodbye to my Dani – my ‘first born’ and … Continue reading

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A moment in time

Today’s post is by a guest author – Rhonda Scott, my mother.  Enjoy. There has been a lot of chatter recently, throughout social media, regarding what is or isn’t Classical Dressage.  All of the shouting brought back a single memory … Continue reading

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Pedro and Oxidado

I previously shared video of Pedro Torres and the stallion Oxidado doing Working Equitation.  Their partnership, to me, is obvious and inspiring.  Recently I ran across an interview with Pedro, where he talked about his inspirations and philosophies. Within the interview … Continue reading

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Thank you for being a friend!

This post is dedicated to all those horsey people, from around the globe, that have connected with me through Facebook and this blog. As I spend these days mostly on my back, recovering from my crash last Sunday, I have … Continue reading

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Mythbusting: Horses don’t choose to jump

Since I started “surfing the net” on horse related topics, I’ve encountered statements made with certainty that reflect a lack of knowledge or experience on the part of the statement maker. One thing is certain about horses – it would take … Continue reading

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