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Which would you choose?

The controversy still swirls around the method known variously as rollkur or LDR (low, deep, and round).  Someone from a Facebook group I’m part of recently posted photos and video from Falsterbro, a high level competition in Sweden.  This evidence showed that the … Continue reading

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The horses provide perspective

While I’ve been pining to be back in the saddle, the horses decided it was time to remind me that the journey can be amazing, even from the ground.  The stars, this time, were Tally and Nash.

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The Aid System

I’ve been spending my spare time playing with the new sand in the arena.  More on that in another post.  For this post I wanted to bring back some of the words of wisdom shared in the ground work conference … Continue reading

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Bratty, with a twist

I’ve written before of my ongoing challenge with young Mr. Noble.  When he first arrived, and the age of six months, he was already a big strong fellow – and not what I would consider halter broke.  Oh, if you … Continue reading

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It’s the Quiet Moments

I recently had lunch with a good friend – a very non-horsey friend.  In fact, she’s not much of an animal person at all; however, she knows that they are a big part of my life and frequently finds some … Continue reading

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Nash brings balance

Nash is that special blend of crotchety and loveable that seems to be characteristic of old Appaloosa gentlemen.  There are days when he can literally sap the energy out of you, and he’s not crazy about working – but when … Continue reading

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