Fighting Winter blahs

I used to love winter.  Admittedly, I’ve never lived anywhere with snow to shovel, or ice to break in water troughs daily.  Winter for me has always been gray days, fog and rain.  Spending my early childhood in the region around Seattle, this was winter and I loved it even well into adulthood.  Of course, that was when … More Fighting Winter blahs

Barnyard mystery

It started with the dogs barking.  We were up a little earlier than usual, and the dogs were doing their morning investigation of the backyard.  It’s not unusual for them to bark in the morning.  Living in a rural setting, our property is subject to a variety of tourists in the night – and they … More Barnyard mystery

Grazing psychology

We all know them – the picky eater, the person who “plays” with their food, or the one who cannot have the things on their plate touch.  I remember, years ago, hearing of a study where they tied male personality types to how they ate their food.  But, did you know that horses have different … More Grazing psychology

Too much excitement!

It seemed like a good plan.  Having gone out very early for some Christmas shopping, missing all the lines and traffic, we were now ready to do some overdue decorating.  With the latest storms, everything has been too sloppy for turnout, but the arena footing was finally safe.  Why not put Noble and Java out … More Too much excitement!

Mythbusting: Horses don’t choose to jump

Since I started “surfing the net” on horse related topics, I’ve encountered statements made with certainty that reflect a lack of knowledge or experience on the part of the statement maker. One thing is certain about horses – it would take several lifetimes to know everything about them. That is a luxury none of us are … More Mythbusting: Horses don’t choose to jump

Gonads Not Needed!

Almost as if someone flipped a switch, Noble’s first birthday has marked a change in attitude.  My once herd-bound boy is becoming more independent, and his once healthy respect for “Uncle” Java has been replaced with an impish drive to torment him!  An old friends would have said that he is feeling his gonads – … More Gonads Not Needed!