Fly Mask Fashion

I have a creative little herd.  They like to rearrange and reconstruct things just for fun.  Often that includes the ‘clothing’ they wear.  This tendency is not limited to just one – no, it has become a trend within the group.  So, just for fun, while I work to finish some other posts, I thought … More Fly Mask Fashion

Memory of a Mustang

This week we received a call that we knew would come, eventually.  Ricky, the mustang I adopted as a yearling and gave to my mother for her fiftieth birthday, had died in his pasture.  Ricky would have turned thirty later this year.  In his nearly three decades on this earth, Ricky touched a lot of … More Memory of a Mustang

Farewell Java

Ironically, the day after publishing a remembrance of Dani, on the sixth anniversary of her death, her brother Java died suddenly.  For further irony, Java left us at 25 – the same age his sister was when she passed on.  We knew the end was coming soon, for Java, and were planning on making that … More Farewell Java

A battle of wits!

There is a battle being waged on our property – and we may be on the losing side!  Call it a battle of wits … or perhaps a battle of wills.  Either way, it’s proof that horses are not the simple, non-thinking, reactive creatures that some would have you believe!