A great resource, now free

When I first started trying to find my way back into the equestrian world, and struggled with how much it had changed (and not for the better), I was lucky to find Epona.tv.  The two journalists who founded it had become tired of the same old celebrity promotion style of equestrian journalism, and set out to do something different – and they succeeded.

One of the photos from Falsterbo, 2015

Epona.tv created series after series of informative videos, profiling experts and opinions outside of the mainstream horseworld.  They produced video, photos, and blog posts that helped exposed abuses in the Dressage world, such as the infamous “blue tongue” scandals of Patrick Kittel and Andreas Helgstrand, the Posadowa starvation scandal, and Falsterbo in 2015.  They followed their curiosity about horses, and our relationships with them, and provided us enlightenment along the way.

I have long wanted to share Epona.tv videos in my blog, as some of them are the most educational material out there.  But, Epona.tv has always been a subscription service.  So, I have recommended it a few times, knowing that someone has to want to invest (albeit a nominal amount) in order to take advantage.

Well, the founders of Epona.tv are now offering all of their content for free.  Sadly, it appears this may be an end to new material – but what they are sharing is a wealth of thought provoking content.  You can visit their site at https://www.epona.tv/.  They have not gotten all videos posted, but are working on it.  You can sign up for alerts when new material is added.

Ben Hart and friend

Among my favorites:

  • Dr. Gerd Heuschmann in a series on how Dressage has gone astray
  • Ben Hart in a series on a different way to work with horses
  • Dr. Angelo Telatin on understanding equine behavior and the use of positive reinforcement (he had some later videos on training jumping horses that is also wonderful)

There are many, many more, on all topics equine.  Also, read through some of the very well written and thought provoking blog posts in the archive.  I hope everyone finds something there they can learn from.  I will certainly take this opportunity to revisit some old favorites, as they become available.

Be good to your horses!


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