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A great resource, now free

When I first started trying to find my way back into the equestrian world, and struggled with how much it had changed (and not for the better), I was lucky to find Epona.tv.  The two journalists who founded it had … Continue reading

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Which would you choose?

The controversy still swirls around the method known variously as rollkur or LDR (low, deep, and round).  Someone from a Facebook group I’m part of recently posted photos and video from Falsterbro, a high level competition in Sweden.  This evidence showed that the … Continue reading

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The video that will not die!

Once again, for the “millionth” time, someone shared the video of Blue Hors Matinee on Facebook. The comments are always the same … “Can’t get enough of this!” … “I could watch this over and over!” etc., etc., etc. Even … Continue reading

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