Bratty, with a twist

I’ve written before of my ongoing challenge with young Mr. Noble.  When he first arrived, and the age of six months, he was already a big strong fellow – and not what I would consider halter broke.  Oh, if you were strong enough, you could muscle him in the right direction (as his prior handler … More Bratty, with a twist

Having a moment …

Have you ever had one of those moments, with an animal, where you suddenly realize that the relationship has transcended the norm?  Where you are no longer just their person – you have become “the” person?  Today I had one of those moments.

Why I prefer horses

A few years ago, I was working on a technology project for a branch of our organization.  Their practices were quite literally unchanged since the 1970’s, and I was trying to bring them into the twenty-first century.  You can imagine that trying to change people from a four-copy paper form/plastic tub/filing cabinet system to one … More Why I prefer horses