Having a moment …

Have you ever had one of those moments, with an animal, where you suddenly realize that the relationship has transcended the norm?  Where you are no longer just their person – you have become “the” person?  Today I had one of those moments.

Today’s moment came courtesy of Noble.  I was in the house, trying to get bits of work done between rounds of resting my back.  My mother called from the barn to say that Noble would not come up to get his fly mask on or get caught for his turnout.  Even a carrot wasn’t enough to entice him away from a few wisps of hay.  So, I volunteered to come out and see what was up.

turnout_nobleWhen I entered the barn, he was standing sulkily at the back of his stall, with mom trying to get him to come forward.  You could tell the very instant he saw me – his head came up, ears forward, and he marched right up to the front of the stall!  With his eyes on me, he lowered his head for “grandma” to put his fly mask on.  He then moved to the stall door to get his halter on – but when I didn’t follow, he turned back to get close to me again.  I obliged by moving closer to the door so she could put his halter on. I gave him pets and a carrot, and he happily left with “grandma” to go to the turnout.

I have no idea what was going on in his head – after all, he’s been generally cooperative with mom these past weeks since my injury.  However, there was no mistaking his pleasure when he saw me, and the change it made in his whole attitude. There is also no denying that it felt rather wonderful.   Yes, I would say that I’m stuck with that colt for life!

Thanks for the moment, Mr. Noble!



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