From the Ashes

I shuttered this blog when Facebook, in all its algorithmic wisdom caught my site up in its COVID debacle in Spring of 2020. I had the bad luck to post something about my experience with supply chain during the pandemic on the very night that the algorithm swept up every site that mentioned COVID-19, including major outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, and Reuters. While the major commercial outlets were reinstated, Facebook has been unwilling to respond to us little folk. So, I closed this blog and opened a new one, The Literate Equine.

A lot has happened over the ensuing time. The new blog was going well. I focused on educational topics and posted book reviews of works old and new. Life with the horses was much bumpier.

Coffee was off most of the past year – chronic hoof abscess and two injuries. Noble made good if slow progress in late 2020, then went into full rebellion earlier last year and has continued that position. I’ve been struggling to get Roxie sound for nearly three years without lasting success. In all of that I made the questionable decision to add another horse – a tale in itself!

Unfortunately, with all of that going on I’ve found my motivation to write waned. So the other blog sadly went idle as well.

Recently I have been pondering what to do with the two sites. With all that has been going on with the horses, and some changes we’re working on with their care, I would like to share some of their journey. This was not the purpose of The Literate Equine, but was exactly what this site was created for. So, I have made the decision to resurrect Horse Crazy Again, in spite of the Facebook ban. Traffic has continued on this site even though it has been idle for two years. Hopefully with some activity that will continue, while I look for other venues through which I can share the posts.

Many thanks to those who have followed this blog over the years! Hopefully some of the posts planned for the future will continue to be of interest. If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to make a side trip over to The Literate Equine to see if there is anything there that resonates. I will be focusing on this site, initially, but hope to return to the other one later this year. As always …

Be good to your horses!


2 thoughts on “From the Ashes

  1. FB doesn’t like my horse training blog either. I’m kind of glad to know it is more a FB doesn’t play well with wordpress than an actual vendetta against little ole me. But then again maybe horse people really are a seditious bunch of free thinkers and a danger to the status quo.

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    1. Ha, ha … I like that! I know that FB blocked the posts we use to be able to do right from WP. But I don’t have trouble posting things from the other blog. I will confess to wondering if I pissed someone off and they reported the blog as spam. Good old FB is such a black hole when it comes to getting any response from them!

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