Moving On

I have been contemplating reworking my blog, shifting the focus slightly, doing a face lift, etc., for a little while.  In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, my blog post on the subject was caught up in the Facebook spam incident – where their filters were set so tight that even sites like the New York Times and Washington Post were blocked.  Unfortunately, lacking the clout of those vaunted publications, my blog site was not restored to the acceptable list.  Numerous reports that I believed the blocking to be erroneous fell on deaf ears – likely falling into a technological black hole.

At an impasse with the technology giant, a key path for sharing my posts, I was not sure where to go next.  It was my mother who suggested just starting a new blog.  Since I’d been contemplating refurbishing this one, why not just start fresh?  So, that’s what I started working on.  The Literate Equine was born.

Nash's faceIn the midst of crafting the new site, we had to say goodbye to Nash.  He took a sudden turn that seemed to be either neurological or pain driven.  We knew that at 26 time could be waning, as the aging process was speeding up – but this came rather suddenly.  As part of grieving I wanted to share his story, which forced me to take the new site live before I was ready.  Oh well, it will grow over time.

I will be keeping this site up for the foreseeable future.  I still get hits even on some very old posts.  Over time there are posts here that I will transition to the new site.  I will still give updates on my little herd, but will be focusing mainly on the educational side and will be including reviews of equestrian books.  If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, please do check out my new one!

Hope you are all healthy.


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