Isn’t that life?!

They say that pride goeth before a fall.  I get it … become too full of yourself and that’s when you’re most vulnerable to fail, trip yourself up, etc.  But Fate, really … did you have to give me a literal reminder?!

First, let me start by saying that the weekend was very nice.  We managed to ride both Appy boys, in between repairing fence.  Coffee is coming along so well, moving better than ever, and finally comfortable doing it with a rider in place.  Leg now means “go”, instead of “stop” – and my mother is really enjoying her boy!

Nash decided to send me a message – on my first ride, I asked him to walk on and was treated to two low rears!  Typical Nash, he then waited for the effect of his efforts (it worked in his past life!) – but in this case I just told him to “Knock it off!” and off we went.  Apparently making his opinion known was enough, and we had a couple of lovely rides!

Back to work on Monday.  I have been trying, for five years, to make a case for a business system that would benefit our university.  My boss has been dead set against it, and it has caused great frustration for me.  Just over a year ago, I got an opening to pass information along to her boss – and that was just the small toehold I needed.  I have worked, since that time, to build my case.  With some help from friends on our sister campuses, I was able to develop a strong argument for the system, and finally a formal proposal to get the funding.  For a couple of months, it has been an informal “go” for the project – but we needed the formal okay before we could really start.  Well, just as I was leaving work on Monday, I got notification that it was an official “Go!”

It has been such a long road to get to this point, that I was literally giddy at reading the news!  Even when you “know” it’s coming, there is nothing quite like having it official.  It took all of my self-control not to go dancing and screaming up and down the halls!  I shot off e-mails to anyone I thought would care, and told everyone in the office who would listen.  I hugged my mom, when I got home … and hugged my horses when I got out to the barn.  I think I was on Cloud Nine all evening!  So, that was the pride … and the fall?

In our small living room is a gas stove, with a cement pad raised above the rest of the floor by just over an inch.  While hurrying to get ready for work, this morning, I caught my foot for the first time in fifteen years!  When I say I caught my foot, I mean it was stopped dead by the combination of a rough concrete corner and rubber athletic shoe tread.  Picture, if you will, a human domino being pushed over.  I went down in one rapid crash, flat on my frontal plane, only managing to turn my head at the last minute to save my face.  When you live in the country, hard floors are a blessing because they are easy to clean.  But, when you are planning on taking a tumble, you might want to avoid laminate floors laid over concrete slab!

I lay for a moment, taking inventory of the damage.  Everything hurt!  Both knees, an elbow, a wrist, one wing of the pelvis, the neck (I may have saved my face, but it created a whiplash-like effect!), the sternum … there were very few body parts not hurting!  Several are already blushing purple, and one knee looks a bit like a water balloon!

So, here I sit, icing my various joints and apologizing to the Fates for showing too much pride.  Oh, who am I kidding?!  I’m still proud of my mom and my horses … and I’m darned proud that I was able to get approval for a project that will be a huge benefit to my campus!  Maybe I just need to start wearing a padded suit, because with that much to be proud of, I may be in for a few more falls!

Be good to your horses!


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