Not long ago, a Facebook friend posted a challenge to describe your day in just one word.  Most of the responses were, sadly, somewhat predictable in our modern age: things like “Stressful”, “Frustrating”, and “Depressing”.  There have been many points, in the past couple of years, when my response might have been the same.  But, … More Progress!

Out of darkness …

I have not written for a while, for lack of inspiration. It’s been a discouraging few weeks, on the horse front. It started with another fall, that sidelined me for a couple of weeks. The incident, a fright on Nash’s blind side, left Nash shaken. In that down time, Tally took some steps backward, Coffee … More Out of darkness …

A big hit!

Another crazy week at work. It’s been a bit disappointing, on the horsey end of things. After a lovely ride on Nash, last Sunday, I was ready to get into a routine. But, the demands of work proved that it was not to be. The good news is, we now have a really good leader … More A big hit!

Isn’t that life?!

They say that pride goeth before a fall.  I get it … become too full of yourself and that’s when you’re most vulnerable to fail, trip yourself up, etc.  But Fate, really … did you have to give me a literal reminder?!