Thoughts are things

Through their astonishing sensitivity, horses show us that thoughts are things. Therefore, just as a correct physical position which is in harmony with the laws of physics is indispensable to allow essential energy patterns to flow through our own and the horse’s body; so too, a sound mental position – constructive, wholesome, compassionate thinking which is aligned with the benign energy of cosmic law – enables it to flow through and strengthen all our endeavours. The horse innately respects and willingly follows such positive thought power. Conversely, our negative thinking easily disturbs the horse and results in distrust and fear. Without wanting to dwell unduly on such matters, I believe it is nevertheless worthwhile to review briefly some of the most common personal obstacles to success in horsemanship: immodest ambitions, arrogance, anger, irritability, having dictatorial or judgmental attitudes, impatience, lacking self-control (especially over our emotions), fear, anxiety, being inconsiderate, bearing grudges, resentment, of kindling vengeance in our hearts.

Erik Herbermann, A Horseman’s Notes

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