Music video surprise!

I’m taking a break from Tally’s story (and work is keeping me hopping), so I decided to share something fun in the meantime.

I’ve been a growing fan of One Republic for the past few years. I like the fact that they try different sounds and themes in their music.  I fell in love with their more recent release, “Love Runs Out” the first time that I heard it (stick with me, there is a horse theme coming, I promise). In a down moment at work, I decided to see what they’d done with the video (I’m a music video buff from way back). The video is very artsy, but growing up around a college theater department, and getting my own degree in art, I kind of like the imagery.  I was not prepared, however, to see what comes about a minute into the video – two Spanish horses doing piaffe! (Actually, it could be a mirror image of the same horse – I haven’t figured that part out yet.) What’s even better is that they are doing a classically correct piaffe! Watch for them to appear several times throughout the video.

I don’t know who the rider(s) and horse(s) are (I would love to), but I could only wish to see such lovely, lively, correct piaffe in International competition! What I do know is that this lovely little surprise in the video has confirmed One Republic as a sentimental favorite band of mine!

I hope you enjoyed this little interlude. Be good to your horse!


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