Training an Appaloosa

First, let me start by saying that I love Appaloosas.  They have been a part of my life for over forty years.  Anything I say below is said with love and amusement.  Second, I fully acknowledge that horses are all individuals, with their own personalities.  That said, there is something about training an Appaloosa that … More Training an Appaloosa

Full circle

It was a hot July evening.  We were heading to the barn for my lesson, and I was excited.  Andrew Jackson was now living at the stable where I rode, and there was a good chance I’d be riding him on this night.  Andrew was a tall rawboned chestnut Thoroughbred, of the sort you don’t … More Full circle


Nash is a tough character to figure out.  He greets us when we approach the barn, and he seems very interested in getting your attention.  Turned loose, he’ll follow us as often as not.  But, approach his stall and attempt to pet him and it’s the old coy treatment.  “No carrot?  No pets!” his expression seems to … More App-aloof-sa

The Beginning

[Having written a tribute to my mother’s mustang on the occasion of her birthday, it seems only fair to allow reciprocation.  So here, on the occasion of my birthday I present an item by guest author, Rhonda Scott … my mom!] First a disclaimer: I have been in love with the idea of horses all … More The Beginning