Noble and the mud

There is one constant, every winter – Noble hates the mud.  Once it reaches a certain point of sloppiness, there is nothing that will entice him to cross the ‘bog’ to reach the higher ground and grass.  This has been going on for years.  Even when Java was around, we had to take the long … More Noble and the mud

A battle of wits!

There is a battle being waged on our property – and we may be on the losing side!  Call it a battle of wits … or perhaps a battle of wills.  Either way, it’s proof that horses are not the simple, non-thinking, reactive creatures that some would have you believe!

Bratty, with a twist

I’ve written before of my ongoing challenge with young Mr. Noble.  When he first arrived, and the age of six months, he was already a big strong fellow – and not what I would consider halter broke.  Oh, if you were strong enough, you could muscle him in the right direction (as his prior handler … More Bratty, with a twist

Fighting Winter blahs

I used to love winter.  Admittedly, I’ve never lived anywhere with snow to shovel, or ice to break in water troughs daily.  Winter for me has always been gray days, fog and rain.  Spending my early childhood in the region around Seattle, this was winter and I loved it even well into adulthood.  Of course, that was when … More Fighting Winter blahs

Life goes on …

I’ve been quiet for longer than usual. I try to keep the discipline of writing twice a week, but there hasn’t been much to say lately. Actually, I’ve started several posts, but somehow can’t seem to finish them. Sitting is difficult, and computers just aren’t made to easily use while flat on your back! Add … More Life goes on …