Where is your line?

We all have a line.  It is invisible.  You may not be aware of your line, or think much about it.  But, you know when someone has crossed that line.  Everyone’s line is in a different place.  Take the recent scandals of sexual misconduct.  Harvey Weinstein’s behavior crossed nearly everyone’s line.  Al Franken’s crossed some … More Where is your line?

Which would you choose?

The controversy still swirls around the method known variously as rollkur or LDR (low, deep, and round).  Someone from a Facebook group I’m part of recently posted photos and video from Falsterbro, a high level competition in Sweden.  This evidence showed that the method has truly become mainstream, with not a single rider working in any other fashion.  … More Which would you choose?

Dressage Wars

It’s getting ugly out there!  There’s a battle raging on social media, and at the heart of it is the equestrian pursuit that I love.  On the one side you have the  “Dressage is horrible!  I’d never do that to my horse!”  On the other is the “It’s only a moment in time! And besides, … More Dressage Wars

Equus interruptus

I have been away.  Duty called, and I winged my way across these United States for several days in the D.C. area.  I spent those days learning things for my job.  I would rather have been riding and learning horsey things – but I love learning in any form.  Besides, the conference was in one … More Equus interruptus