I’m still here!

I have not been in the saddle for over six months. One of the longest rainy seasons on record, followed by horse injuries, then my own, have created a formula for stagnation on the horse training front. It’s a formula that has repeated many times over the last six years, as I’ve struggled to return … More I’m still here!

Venturing out alone

There is safety in numbers, so they tell us.  When you are in battle, or attempting to evade predators, that can certainly be true.  But, more than safety in numbers (and perhaps as a byproduct of it), there is comfort in numbers.  Having a team now staffed at work certainly has made my workday much … More Venturing out alone

My kingdom for a horse!

Here I sit, the keeper of five horses, and my biggest wish is for another one!  Feel free to send a “WTF?” in my direction.  On some levels, it’s certainly a crazy idea – but on another level, I cannot think of another answer to my conundrum.

A Week of Firsts

Some firsts are big – first date, first kiss, first job, first car, and (of course) first horse.  Other firsts are small and personal – not seeming like much to an outside observer, but providing a glowing feeling to the person involved.  This week provided several of those very small firsts, marking personal victories and … More A Week of Firsts