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The fearful equine

A recent Facebook conversation about positive reinforcement led to someone asking a question about one of my favorite fallacies – if you comfort a fearful or spooking horse, aren’t you just reinforcing the fear?  I first encountered that idea when … Continue reading

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Bargaining with Noble

When you weigh over 1300 pounds, view the world from somewhere north of seven feet, and have feet large enough to serve dinner on, you command a lot of respect.  Add to that a genius for picking up on cause … Continue reading

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“Needs manners!”

On his visit this week, our farrier declared to my mother that Noble “needs manners!”  This declaration followed an ill-advised decision to disregard my mother’s advice, ignore what has worked in the past, and have his assistant catch and hold … Continue reading

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Personalities “in the bag”

Miss Tally has now been introduced to the bag goblin several times.  Each time it’s “new” to her – but she admittedly takes less time to settle each time.  But, simply aiming it at a different body part makes it … Continue reading

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Halloween comes early …

The spooks and goblins have come early to our place this year – only it’s carrots, not candy, that is getting handed out!

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Crime and punishment

I often start several drafts of posts at one time – sometimes they make it in, sometimes I go back and have lost the original inspiration.  This one was drafted several months ago … and I had forgotten just how … Continue reading

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