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Scary smart!

The day that I purchased Coffee, his breeder and I had a chat about horses that fit her label of “scary smart”.  For her, these are horses who are always thinking, seem to be a step ahead of you, and … Continue reading

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Body Language Reality Check

As I worked Tally on the lunge today, watching her move in or out, changing her tempo based upon my movements, I started to ponder a video I recently saw.  (I’m an introvert – pondering things is what I do.)  … Continue reading

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Whose horse is that?

I worked with a lovely horse today.  She was a large bay mare with soft eyes and a relaxed manner.  She moved around me deftly, always keeping an ear turned in my direction, watching my movements and waiting for the next cue.  … Continue reading

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Transformation or just transitory?

A wise old horseman once told me that geldings settled at seven years of age, and mares at eleven (stallions were not mentioned).  I always accepted this as just a general comment that geldings settled sooner than mares, not really … Continue reading

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The Aid System

I’ve been spending my spare time playing with the new sand in the arena.  More on that in another post.  For this post I wanted to bring back some of the words of wisdom shared in the ground work conference … Continue reading

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A little slice of normal

It was a nice weekend, and it provided some shades of a return to normal.  As the healing progresses, I can finally provide little bits of support around the place, helping me feel a little more useful.  It also means … Continue reading

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