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A great resource, now free

When I first started trying to find my way back into the equestrian world, and struggled with how much it had changed (and not for the better), I was lucky to find Epona.tv.  The two journalists who founded it had … Continue reading

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Respecting the laws of Nature

In my equestrian library are a handful of books that I return to repeatedly – either for reference or just for the pleasure of rereading.  One of these cherished books, A Horseman’s Notes by Erik Herbermann, was a suggestion by … Continue reading

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Never underestimate the power of leverage on a horse’s head.  A recent Facebook post, by a trainer recognized by many as upholding classical standards, showed the power leverage can have.  The post was regarding a young mare and her transformation … Continue reading

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The noble horse …

My latest reading venture is Gustav Steinbrecht’s The Gymnasium of the Horse.  It is often cited by those who follow classical training methods, but this is my first dive into it.  Written before the turn of the twentieth century, it … Continue reading

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Mount and Man

I just finished reading a wonderful book: Mount and Man written in 1925.  The author, Lt Col McTaggart, was a retired cavalry officer who clearly understood and loved horses.  It’s a fascinating look into the state of riding in the … Continue reading

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“Striving for total harmony …”

I’m laying on my back fighting a cold.  This is to be the weekend of a conference at my old trainer’s place, and I only hope that I am well enough to make the three hour drive tomorrow.  I’ve been … Continue reading

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The things they don’t teach …

It seems to be inevitable that each new generation dismisses the “antiquated” practices of the generation before – often leading to the extinction of those practices.  When I was an Art student, I studied art pieces that were made using … Continue reading

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