A Pause to Refresh

I have been pondering, for a while, where I want to take this blog.  It started as a way to share my journey, in the hopes that it might resonate with others.  But the journey has taken so long, that there often seems little to document any more.  That is how life goes, with a full time job, and arguably too many horses in our herd.  But they are happy, as are we – and they certainly have no specific ambitions.  So it is only a human judgment call as to how long the journey should take.

I’ve taken some turns at giving it a more educational focus, but increasingly I feel the need to offer my own examples to support my topics.  Unfortunately, even when we are in full swing, and might have those examples, I am not set up for film or photography to capture most of it.  So, many of the topics I start are left hanging.

I have often taken a more philosophical focus on horses, and our relationships with them.  But I have largely said what I have to say on that topic, finding myself lately feeling like I’m repeating things I’ve said before.  Often those topics have been inspired by activity on Facebook – but I have been taking a refreshing break from the platform.  I check in about once a week, to stay in touch with some wonderful people I’ve met there – but by and large I have not missed the redundant, often judgmental, activity there.

I have been at this blog for five years, and I have enjoyed all (but one) of the interactions with those who read it.  But I feel the time has come to take a pause and refresh my outlook.  My life has changed a lot over the past year – largely for the positive.  Part of that change will be advantageous to my time with the horses.  So, for now, I am going to place my focus on the horses, and the home we share with them.  I will be back when I have refreshed my outlook and feel that I have more to say.

In the meantime, I will be making occasional contributions (on decidedly non-horsey topics) to my mother’s blog, The Freedom of Age.  She’s a good writer, with strong opinions – I think she gets it from me! 😉

Until I return, be good to your horses!


6 thoughts on “A Pause to Refresh

  1. Don’t go anywhere. Just post the odd photograph, video and little bulletin of whatever they’re up to and let them do the talking.

    Also the photo of the coloured horse in this post has the best markings that look like different things.

    His mane and neck forms the wavy shape of a piebald’s mane and head flowing forward.

    His bottom looks like someone clicked and pasted the cursor and left it there my mistake. Big cursor bum smiling forever and a day.

    You’re right to kick back and just enjoy the horses but take few snaps and show us all what they’re doing.

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    1. Not a bad idea, Auntysocial. I might just do that! Roxie, the mare in the photo, also has a big W, if you lift her tail … the inside point meets right at her vulva. She definitely lends color to our herd!

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