What guides you?

This post is about asking for your input.  Three surveys, linked below, are the brainchild of my friend Caroline Stephens, for which she kindly asked my assistance.  We are interested in where people are getting their riding information, particularly related to Dressage, and what information they are seeking/learning.

These three surveys are all short (10 or fewer questions), and very basic.  (We are currently laboring under the free version of Survey Monkey, where 10 questions is the limit.)  They are an attempt to get some baseline information, in preparation for a more comprehensive future survey.  Everyone’s education in riding has different influences and exposure.  For example, although my mentor was exposed directly to several past masters, his focus became biomechanics and behavior.  So, my education focused on those aspects, with little to no mention of past masters and their writings.

Equestrian Influences – This survey is looking for where you gain your knowledge, and who you look to for guidance and inspiration. Click here to complete.

Classical & Competitive Dressage – This one is asking a bit about methods, and how you view the difference between classical and competitive Dressage (if you believe there is a difference).  Click here to complete.

Biomechanics & Training – Near and dear to my heart, this last survey is asking how much you study equine biomechanics as part of riding and training.

Since we had to break up what was one survey (darned Survey Monkey!), they all have the same three background questions to start.  They shouldn’t take much time, and it will help us prepare for when we have our pennies saved up to pay the price to have a more robust and detailed survey.  Also, once you’ve completed them, I’d love to hear suggestions for the future survey!

Thanks for taking the time, and feel free to share with other riders.  Then go riding!

Be good to your horses!


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