What a year!

Charles joined our family in 2015.
One of the bright spots: Charles joined our family in 2015.

I’m not usually one for the whole New Year hoopla – from the champagne to the resolutions, I usually take a pass.  It’s a fairly random mark of passing time, and for many just an excuse to party.  But there are times, now and again, when I see the appeal of looking at the transition to a new calendar year – like crossing a threshold into a bright, sunny room.  This is one of those times – I am looking forward to saying goodbye to 2015, clinging to a hope that 2016 will start a brighter chapter.

It’s not that 2015 was all bad – it had its moments.  No, 2015 was filled with both highs and lows, rather like a roller-coaster … and I hate roller-coasters!

On the job – The year began with our department’s reorganization still very much up in the air.  There was potential in the plan, but our director seemed to be dragging her feet.  Then, in one fell swoop, she hired a new manager and gave her own notice, leaving the new person to try to learn about our organization, pull it out of the mud, and fix years of bad “press”.  Sadly, for her, this led to her ultimate ousting through the very unprofessional actions of some of my colleagues.  Always one to seize an opportunity, I partnered with another colleague who had vision, and we managed to quietly steer the ship in the right direction.  Now facing the New Year with the hiring of a new leader imminent, I see a promising future for a department that has too long been decades behind our contemporaries.  The best part?  I get to play a significant role in this exciting transformation!  I’m happy to leave the drama of 2015 behind, and look forward to seeing progress in 2016.

In the ER, one Sunday in August ... we'll never know what set Tally off.
In the ER, one Sunday in August … we’ll never know what set Tally off.

On the horses – I began the year with a foot injury – one stomp from Noble leading to multiple chip fractures.  Finally got over that, and everyone was finally getting into gear.  Then it happened – a moment in time that left me with a compression fracture in my spine.  This not only kept me out of the saddle, but it put us behind in everything.  Mom was left to work with Coffee on her own – their progress being the only bright spot in our horse-world this year.  Nash luxated the lens in his right eye, leaving him without clear sight on that side, and leading to my second wreck of 2015.  With me out of commission, Noble didn’t get the groundwork he should have this year – leading to his “juvenile delinquent” impression this month.  Moving into 2016, I’m no closer to getting back in the saddle than I was a year ago.  But, as a friend recently said, “… like the horse-women we are we whine then just keep moving forward, as there isn’t really any other option.”  And so, I face 2016 hopeful that I will get a break at some point … and I don’t mean in my bones this time!

Most of my online activity was met with civility and was very engaging, but an online rant led to my posting this … words I try to live by.

Online – This blog continues to be a welcome outlet, to share my experiences and “meet” folks from varied countries, backgrounds, and viewpoints.  One of my posts took off like I never imagined, but all have been read and received well.  On Facebook I’ve made many wonderful connections, with horsey people from all over the world.  All of these online connections played a huge role in keeping me positive during all those days on my back.  The online community, like any community, has its positive and negative sides – I’ve experienced both.  But I have been pleasantly surprised by the wonderful conversations, support, kindness … and the fun in following other people’s journeys, joys and heartaches (okay, maybe “fun” is the wrong word for that last one … but you know what I mean!).

I’ll admit that I was reaching the end of 2015 feeling as dark and dismal as some of the days this month.  There is still so much unknown about the future, at work and with my horses.  But I’ll admit to catching a little of the infection of New Year’s Eve … hopeful that crossing the threshold into 2016 will take me into a brighter and cheerier room than the one I spent 2015 in.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, I’m wishing you a bright and hopeful 2016!


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