Noble turns two

Stopping for a snack on our walk.
Stopping for a snack on our walk.

Without any fanfare, my young Noble turned two on Friday. I had big plans for this birthday – I was going to get a birthday hat and take some silly photos; I’d pose his handsome geeky self for some glamor shots; make him a “cake” like I did spur of the moment last year … lots of other ideas to mark another year in his life. But, as happens even to parents of actual children, my work got in the way. So, instead, I ended Friday evening with a peaceful walk in my boy’s company.

Noble has come a long way from the frightened, and frightening, colt that I brought home for Christmas eighteen months ago.  He’s now a full blown preteen terror – anyone who has tried to

Noble the first time I saw him.
Baby Noble the first time I saw him, at nearly four months old.

teach junior high school boys anything will be well acquainted with the type.  But he is also personable, brave and rather mellow at times.  He is now over 15.3 hands, making “uncle” Coffee the smallest horse in the barn.

After spending all day Friday managing crises at work, taking a rambunctious colt for a walk into “new territory” might not seem the best way to unwind.  But I was disappointed that my birthday plans had fallen through, and I wanted to spend a little time with my boy on his “big day”.  Of course, for him it’s just another day … but we humans get to indulge ourselves in silly fantasy now and again!

Chatting with the neighbors
Chatting with the neighbors

The birthday boy was on his best behavior, as we explored areas of the property he hadn’t visited.  We bravely checked out scary rolls of fencing, and we chatted with the goats.  I put my hand on his withers as he picked through the now dried grasses, and noted how much higher I have to reach to do that these days.  It turned into the perfect way to unwind, and to celebrate the second anniversary of his birth.  I still can’t believe the luck that brought this special redhead into my life!

So, there was no fanfare … but what better way to mark a birthday than a little bonding time?  The silly hats can wait for next year.

Be good to your horses!


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