Writer’s block… and rider’s block

Too much going on at work once again left me with a week of just visiting my horsey family. Watching Noble turned out in the evening helped me relax, but did little to further any of us along the path. But my mother is keeping things on an even keel, until I can get focus back. With no time or energy for horses, I also have lacked the focus to do any writing. I’ve started a few things, but can’t get any traction on them. In the meantime, I’ve come across a couple of fun videos to share.

I love looking at old military training films. Not necessarily a training model, but the attitude of the horses, and what the riders are able to accomplish is certainly inspirational. Anyone for jumping over a burning brush jump?


On the military theme, I found this old clip of a performance of the Spanish Riding School in New York. A stallion was gifted to the U.S. military, in appreciation of their role in saving the horses during World War II. It has always been a favorite historical chapter  in our home, although (as with everything) the internet is filled with “experts” on the incident that call into question the accounts of those present … with little evidence to support it (as with so many internet experts). Clearly Austria felt appreciation.


I’ll end with this one. It starts rather funny, but soon moves to … wow!


I hope you were inspired – I certainly am!  Now, out to the beasties …. I wonder where I can find a wreath of fire …

Be good to your horses!



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