My horses, my inspiration

You can always tell when I haven’t been getting much horse time – those are the times when I have nothing to post.  I even spent

Long days at work, and earlier sunsets, make more challenging to get my horse time in.
Long days at work, and earlier sunsets, make more challenging to get my horse time in.

several days, in the past couple of weeks, sick at home.  That would seem to be a perfect time to spend writing … but I had nothing to say!  Instead, I made myself a little depressed cruising around the internet, reading virtual fist fights over various horse-related topics.  Sigh …

But things are leveling out all around, and I got some quality horse time in this evening.  Horses are amazing!  Even with a few weeks of inconsistent work, everyone is still progressing.  For the first time since she went to the trainer last year, Tally had a lunge session where we could work on trot-canter-trot transitions with no tension or excess speed.  When I’ve had time, she is the one I’ve focused on.  Unfortunately, time, daylight, weather and health have not been on my side for getting back on her yet.  I cringe to tell anyone that, because most people would have been on and ready to show by now … if they could find sufficient tack to “handle” her.  But I am not in any hurry, and I’m well beyond the need to “handle” a problem horse.  Her relaxation tonight is proof enough, for me, that more time is not a bad thing at all!

Mom has done an admirable job of keeping the two Appy boys going.  They’re not advancing in their training, but they’re getting

Mom lunging her "Coffee cup"
Mom lunging her “Coffee cup”

more fit and moving better all the time – both important requisites for further work.  Coffee, still coming off his layoff, just can’t resist a blow-up now and then.  Due to the nature of his injury, play time is just not on the agenda for him … yet.  Somehow he’s not satisfied with the our assurance that playtime will come soon enough.  Tonight I had plenty of warning that a blow-up was forthcoming … when some macho punk decided to rev his motorcycle on the nearby road.  Poor Coffee, that was just too predictable!

Nash decided to knock a zero off his age, and acted like a silly two year old tonight!  A little bucking … a little galloping … then sailing around in a big extended trot.  Silly old fool!  He’s going to feel that tomorrow!  But, after two years of bad feet and a pelvic fracture, it’s great to see him look so spry and energetic!  All the better to go back to work, my friend.

This week ends in a long holiday weekend, and I can’t wait!  I will be spending my “Black Friday” at the barn, avoiding the stampeding  shopping hoards.  A couple of extra vacation days thrown in, and I’m looking forward to nearly a week of horse activities!  So, watch out folks – I’m expecting a lot of inspiration coming my way!

Be good to your horses!


2 thoughts on “My horses, my inspiration

  1. That is wonderful to hear. Not the sick part, but that they are improving, even though you’ve had less than desired time with them lately. It’s so easy to compare to where “others” would have been with our horse if they were the ones pulling it along. Especially when things seem to improve at snail pace. Sounds like you’ve got it just right though! Bet this spring will show great improvements 🙂 Happy Horse Time Week(end) – sounds great!

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