What Dressage should look like!

In the wake of the World Equestrian Games, with a few good Dressage rides and a number of appalling ones that scored too high, and news of horses dying in other competitions in those games, I felt the need to make my self feel better.  I wanted to seek out proof, and reassure myself that there are still true horseman out there who can ride a lovely, well trained horse, with a light touch and no signs of anxiety from the horse.  So, I watched this video of Pedro Torres, one of the stars of the Working Equitation world – apparently competitive Dressage as well, but I know him from the working equitation videos.

Take away the obstacles and this is what Dressage should look like! The reins are generally loose, and always held in one hand (which minimizes the amount of pulling you can actually do). The horse is collected and highly attentive, yet there is a relaxation and suppleness that is unmistakable! I can’t get enough of watching this pair. It’s the kind of horse-rider communication we should all be striving for!

In a later post I will delve into some of the online arguments that have been going on over the WEG, and the signs that the horses are the losers in these battles.  But, for now, I’m going to take another watch of Pedro and remind myself of why I do this Dressage stuff!

Be good to your horses!


3 thoughts on “What Dressage should look like!

  1. Very nice ride but I’d like to point out that the horse is being ridden in a curb and if we were to remove the bit, it would have a high spade in the middle…loose rein still puts immense pressure on the roof of the mouth….I’d rather see him ride in a snaffle on a loose rein before this….the horse is lovely though and does look relaxed….


    1. I absolutely agree, Meg. I would much rather see him in a snaffle – just as I would much rather see upper level Dressage done in a snaffle. There is no need for too much metal in the mouth, if training is done right.


      1. Very true. I had the pleasure of watching Steffan Peter’s ride in a clinic…he did the whole thing in a snaffle….his horse was so relaxed, correct and in lovely self carriage…THAT is the epitome of dressage in my book…they should make the upper level riders do a test in a snaffle.

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