Of Horses And Chess …

“In matters regarding their nature, it is hardly surprising that horses can outwit the rider with considerable ease – after all, they only need to be themselves to succeed. This is so, because in horsemanship the task lies entirely with the rider to become more horse-like, and not for the horse to become human. But, as we gain better understanding of the creatures and find greater harmony with them, we discover to our delight that they feel neither the need nor desire to outwit the rider, and usually come more than halfway to comply with any reasonable requests.

Riding could be compared to playing a game of chess with oneself, either winning or losing at one’s own hand. But the marked difference between the two is that in riding the horses are on our side helping us make the right choices – if we avail ourselves of their council, that is.”

Erik Herbermann, A Horseman’s Notes

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