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Noble turns three

Sunday was Noble’s birthday.  I would have made a cake, but quite frankly, the boy is the pickiest eater in the barn!  Anything not within his normal diet range is met with complete suspicion, and rarely even given so much … Continue reading

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Passage … at 4?!

Indulge me in a moment of ranting, if you will.  I’m frequently “treated” to video clips posted on Facebook, usually by friends of friends, that are prime examples of all that is wrong with equestrian sport today. There was the mare, newly … Continue reading

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Give Them More Time!

If time and good instructors permit, systematic dressage can bring nothing but benefit to any horse and pleasure to the rider. If, however, the dressage is misapplied, is carried out in an over-hasty manner and in an insensitive way – … Continue reading

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