Spring has sprung!

Between the belated rainy season, and whatever horrid bug my coworker so generously shared, it has been many weeks since I was in a saddle.  This long weekend (our college had Friday off for staff to get a spring break) was timed right to get back in the groove with the horses!


Not long ago, a Facebook friend posted a challenge to describe your day in just one word.  Most of the responses were, sadly, somewhat predictable in our modern age: things like “Stressful”, “Frustrating”, and “Depressing”.  There have been many points, in the past couple of years, when my response might have been the same.  But, … More Progress!

A lovely Spring weekend!

It rained Friday night.  Here in California, we are into our fourth year of drought, so any rain is welcome.  The nearly one inch of rain won’t go very far to impact the drought, but it means the plants won’t need watering.  It also set the stage for a perfect Spring weekend.

Do you hack?

Still on the banged-up list, from my domino impression earlier this week, my only horse activities have involved carrots and curry combs (the latter at least is constructive, being smack in the middle of shedding season).  But Spring has clearly sprung, and with it comes thoughts of riding across miles of beautiful country.  Yet, it … More Do you hack?

Equus interruptus

I have been away.  Duty called, and I winged my way across these United States for several days in the D.C. area.  I spent those days learning things for my job.  I would rather have been riding and learning horsey things – but I love learning in any form.  Besides, the conference was in one … More Equus interruptus