Equus interruptus

I have been away.  Duty called, and I winged my way across these United States for several days in the D.C. area.  I spent those days learning things for my job.  I would rather have been riding and learning horsey things – but I love learning in any form.  Besides, the conference was in one … More Equus interruptus

Love of the horse

Most important is love of the horse. It is the leitmotiv that should underlie all our intercourse with this most lovable of creatures. A horse will overcome its inborn shyness and gain confidence, the fundamental condition of mutual understanding, with a man whose love it feels….Anyone who loves his horse will be patient, and patience, inexhaustible … More Love of the horse

A Real Horseman

A real horseman must not only be an expert – he must also be able to think and feel like a horse, that is, to realize that a horse is not equipped with human understanding. Such a horseman should be both horse and man – a centaur, not only physically, but also psychologically – anthropomorphic … More A Real Horseman