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Social Politeness

At the recent ground work conference I attended, there were two demonstration handlers who were said to be professional trainers.  From the first moments, when they were awaiting their demo, there was an aggressiveness to their handling of the horses … Continue reading

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“Needs manners!”

On his visit this week, our farrier declared to my mother that Noble “needs manners!”  This declaration followed an ill-advised decision to disregard my mother’s advice, ignore what has worked in the past, and have his assistant catch and hold … Continue reading

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Crime and punishment

I often start several drafts of posts at one time – sometimes they make it in, sometimes I go back and have lost the original inspiration.  This one was drafted several months ago … and I had forgotten just how … Continue reading

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Do not eliminate the negative!

You’ve got to accentuate the positive Eliminate the negative Johnny Mercer That advice may be very sound for living your life – but it’s not so valid when it comes to horse training.

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