Venturing out alone

There is safety in numbers, so they tell us.  When you are in battle, or attempting to evade predators, that can certainly be true.  But, more than safety in numbers (and perhaps as a byproduct of it), there is comfort in numbers.  Having a team now staffed at work certainly has made my workday much … More Venturing out alone


Not long ago, a Facebook friend posted a challenge to describe your day in just one word.  Most of the responses were, sadly, somewhat predictable in our modern age: things like “Stressful”, “Frustrating”, and “Depressing”.  There have been many points, in the past couple of years, when my response might have been the same.  But, … More Progress!

In praise of Tally

It has been just over two years since I brought a broken Tally home from the trainer. It has been two years of recovery from wounds both physical and mental, rather than two years of advancement. Under saddle we are only at the stage of a baby just started for the first time … exactly where … More In praise of Tally