The Madness Continues!

I once made the mistake of buying a piece of equipment from the website of a world renowned “Natural” Horsemanship ‘guru’.  I say mistake because once they have your information, they won’t stop trying to convert you.  I choose not to use the man’s name because my intent is not to start a war with … More The Madness Continues!

Horse-based Religion

“Barefoot go’s very nicely with, bitless bridles, treeless saddles and natural horsemanship! A natural market ripe for clever con men to pick!”  Horsemanship – nothing natural about it post on Facebook The passage above was part of a recent “rant” on Facebook that I happened to catch.  The entire point of the post was that … More Horse-based Religion

Control the feet

You’ve probably heard it: “Control the feet and you control the horse.” It’s popular with the Natural Horsemanship folks. An even better variation is “Control the feet and you control the mind.” Trouble is, if your definition of controlling the feet is to make the beast run when you want, stop when you want, and … More Control the feet