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When things turn bad

You have an amazing horse who consistently gives you a nice ride.  You enjoy working with this horse, and he consistency excels at what you ask of him.  Then, rather suddenly, things go bad.  Your high performing horse begins to … Continue reading

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Ah, capricious youth!

It is not by accident that every modern sitcom surrounding family life makes jokes about kids who are sweet one minute, and acting like a brat the next.  I have known many a parent who will remark how much they love … Continue reading

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Getting to the Real Root of “My Horse Won’t Do What I Want”

Originally posted on TSB BLOG:
TSB author Denny Emerson on the Morgan stallion Lippitt Tweedle Dee at the 1961 Morrisville, Vermont Horse Show. It is a common misconception among many new to horses, and sadly some with a lifetime’s experience,…

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