Be eclectic!

The barn I spent so many years riding and teaching in was nothing much to look at.  It was your typical dusty pole barn, so common in the Western U.S.  Built by cowboys for year round roping practice (there was still a holding pen and remnants of a shoot attached to the indoor), it was … More Be eclectic!

The Birthday Mustang

Twenty seven years ago I did a crazy thing: I went to a Mustang adoption, adopted a yearling, moved him into our rented barn under the pretense that he belonged to a client, and on this day twenty seven years ago, I presented him to my mother as a fiftieth birthday present. Potential recipe for … More The Birthday Mustang

In praise of Tally

It has been just over two years since I brought a broken Tally home from the trainer. It has been two years of recovery from wounds both physical and mental, rather than two years of advancement. Under saddle we are only at the stage of a baby just started for the first time … exactly where … More In praise of Tally

Horses are amazing!

Recently someone posted, on Facebook, the video I have included at the bottom of this post. It is of Halla, a famous jumping mare whose rider was seriously injured at the Stockholm Olympics – yet she carried him around a clear round to win gold! Revisiting Halla’s story, and watching that ride, brought back memories … More Horses are amazing!