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The noble horse …

My latest reading venture is Gustav Steinbrecht’s The Gymnasium of the Horse.  It is often cited by those who follow classical training methods, but this is my first dive into it.  Written before the turn of the twentieth century, it … Continue reading

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Not long ago, a Facebook friend posted a challenge to describe your day in just one word.  Most of the responses were, sadly, somewhat predictable in our modern age: things like “Stressful”, “Frustrating”, and “Depressing”.  There have been many points, … Continue reading

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Don’t be a drill sergeant!

I recently read two different pieces about horse learning/training that made a startling contrast to each other.  As I read the two pieces, it was obvious to me which was horse-centric and considerate – yet the other piece was written … Continue reading

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Horses as pets?

Should horses be kept as pets?  This is a question I’ve pondered for many years.  At times, my own horses have been relegated to the role of “pet” – when I no longer had the time or motivation to ride.  … Continue reading

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A Moral Tale

I’m still here, and still horse crazy … though feeling more of the “crazy” part recently.  Work has taken over my life, as I wait for the HR department to finally get my staff vacancies posted.  What’s left of me … Continue reading

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Cavaletti on steroids!

It’s been a slog of a week, trying to get things in order at work – no time left for writing or riding!  But, I have some days off coming up to make up for it.  In the meantime, here … Continue reading

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Training, trust and horsemanship

Facebook is a hotbed of posters, homilies and words of “wisdom”.  Some are funny, some tug at heart strings, while others are meant to make you stop and contemplate.  They tend to get recycled over and over – the more … Continue reading

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