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The Madness Continues!

I once made the mistake of buying a piece of equipment from the website of a world renowned “Natural” Horsemanship ‘guru’.  I say mistake because once they have your information, they won’t stop trying to convert you.  I choose not … Continue reading

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The End of Lofty Goals

I took a much needed sanity break.  My inspiration for these posts comes from two main sources – my own little herd and what is going on in the horseworld at large.  As the year wound down, I found that … Continue reading

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Try not to laugh …

Things are a bit chaotic in the barn this week.  We’re tearing off an unused overhang on the back of the barn, in order to add runs off the backs of the stalls.  The roof overhangs a very low spot … Continue reading

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Training an Appaloosa

First, let me start by saying that I love Appaloosas.  They have been a part of my life for over forty years.  Anything I say below is said with love and amusement.  Second, I fully acknowledge that horses are all … Continue reading

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needs a title …

It has been an emotional roller coaster for two weeks – I hate roller coasters of any kind!  Tremendous recognition at work was followed by a serious set back to the project I’ve been shepherding for over a year.  Lovely moments … Continue reading

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Venturing out alone

There is safety in numbers, so they tell us.  When you are in battle, or attempting to evade predators, that can certainly be true.  But, more than safety in numbers (and perhaps as a byproduct of it), there is comfort … Continue reading

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My kingdom for a horse!

Here I sit, the keeper of five horses, and my biggest wish is for another one!  Feel free to send a “WTF?” in my direction.  On some levels, it’s certainly a crazy idea – but on another level, I cannot think … Continue reading

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